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Small claim settlement, Consent Order?

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Small claim settlement, Consent Order?

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I have settled a small claim with a trader, and on reading the directions for submitting a Consent Order in the letter I received from the court (General Form
of Judgment or Order), it makes next to no sense to me :( exact wording - " can send in a document headed 'Consent Order' and dated settting out your agreement and either both sign it and email it to [court email]". What does 'either both sign it and email it' mean?! Something must be worded wrongly there surely. On first reading I thought it meant we could either both sign a mutual document and send it in (although it doesn't mention post, just the email address), or hopefully just each send an email individually with a simple statement of the agreement. If anyone has done one of these and can shed any light I would be enormously grateful. I am googling madly but can't find much except info for complex cases, divorce etc. This is just a case where we have reached agreement on a small sum/refund for a job.


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    There is certainly an "or" missing here... it does feel like its intended to be similar to a counterpart clause which effectively means you can both physically sign the same piece of paper or you can individually sign a different price of paper which has the same words on it and together the two counterparts equal a binding agreement. 

    Unfortunately I would agree there is an error in the typing and therefore its an informed guess at what they really meant. It could be it doesn't allow counterparts but wants to give you the option of email or physical submission of the one sheet of paper signed by both.
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