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Other person affecting my credit rating?

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Other person affecting my credit rating?

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Hi all,
I rent a flat and have agreed to allow someone who is going to sign the next tenancy agreement to stay over 1-2 nights a week during job searches/interviews. They currently live about 400 miles away. They are not paying me to stay and I work from home so they are never alone in the flat.

I'm in the process of buying another flat and an EWS1 form delay has meant my tenancy agreement ended in May 2020 and I am rolling over, paying monthly until it's resolved - all with the good graces of my landlady and lettings agent. My landlady knows about the potential new tenant and is happy for the arrangement to continue.

This person now wants to register mail to the current flat so they have proof of address to send to jobs whilst they look in the area - I am HIGHLY risk averse and don't want anything to jeopardise what has already been a difficult flat purchase.

I would rather be cautious but know it will be helpful to get this person a letter with their new (my current) address on it, so there's no delay between them taking the flat on and me leaving to my new one. 

However - this person has a poor credit history due to bad decisions of their own doing, and I'm worried that if they address any sort of letter e.g. phone bill, to this address, their name will be associated with mine at this address and affect my credit and potentially the underwriting process.

Is this the case?

Thanks for the help!
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  • GrumpelstiltskinGrumpelstiltskin Forumite
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    Credit bad or good can only be linked to you if have joint accounts. The address used will not affect you.
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  • Lover_of_LycraLover_of_Lycra Forumite
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    Credit files are attached to people not front doors. 
  • TBagpussTBagpuss Forumite
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    As others say, as long as you don't have any joint accounts it won't affect you. (The previous owner of my last house had terrible credit -and didn't update their address anywhere when they moved. I got bailiffs showing up looking for them fairly regularly in the fist year I lived there. My credit record was just fine and unaffected.)
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