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Facebook have me stumped

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Facebook have me stumped

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steviebuksteviebuk Forumite
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Trying to setup a Facebook account. Created a new Gmail address for it. Once completed it instantly disables. Requests a mobile number which I gave it and also verified via the phone. Still disabled and requests a photo so they can verify the account (which was already done via e-mail and phone) And how can you verfy someone from a photo they upload when you don't know the person in the first place.

They say they will check the photo and I'll hear back in a few days. A few days later they say they have perm disable the account with no appeal for breaking guidelines. What guidelines? I'd only just setup the account. I was on a VPN, surely that can't be the issue, there are plenty of business's that are behind a VPN.

So to test, I setup a VM so everything is fresh. New e-mail address. New IP on the VPN, the MAC on the NIC would be different as its a VM. Verfy the account via e-mail again, then attempt to login to Facebook and again it disables the account.

I'm confused. I know they are trying to combat fake accounts, but why are they instantly disabling the account I'm creating? The name used is real. It's very odd.


  • _shel_shel Forumite
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     Is this you first and only Facebook account 
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  • J_BJ_B Forumite
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    A person on the Farming Forum uploaded a photo of a sheep and his account was verified - go figure!
  • forgotmynameforgotmyname Forumite
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    Maybe its because of the new gmail and then straight to a new facebook account?  Pattern that they have
    seen recently for problem accounts?

    Although I have had a gmail email account closed for some unknown reason they wont tell me. Created
    the account to use Bluestacks and that worked no problem. Some time later went onto Bluestacks to find
    it will not work, gmail had been banned.

    Broke some unspoken rule, but if they don't tell me what I did wrong will I do it again?
    Made me wonder what if they ban my account that I use for banking. Now use my own domain for
    my personal emails.

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  • steviebuksteviebuk Forumite
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    It wasn't the first account on that machine, but it was the first account on the VM. I was thinking it could be fingerprinting but it can't be on the VM as that is clean. The only thing I can think is what forgotmyname said, the e-mail account being created and then soon after a Facebook account is created. There must be some system they have that checks how long an e-mail account has been live for.
  • Neil_JonesNeil_Jones Forumite
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    Might be of interest, you're not in any way unique:

  • AstonSmithAstonSmith Forumite
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    I was on a VPN, surely that can't be the issue, there are plenty of business's that are behind a VPN.
    Why not? VPNs can be used to hide dodgy activity, so you will look more suspicious by websites you visit. Also, VPN public IP addresses tend to be passed around, so you could become associated with someone else's dodgy activity by appearing to be on the same connection as them.
  • SteveJWSteveJW Forumite
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    It all seems very strange
    I have tried to sign up on more than one occasion, sent pictures etc and always been declined with no way to ask for a review
    Decided to have one more go so  tried the other morning, used my first and middle name as my forename, correct surname, within seconds I was up and running with an account, immediately a total stranger asking me to accept him as a friend. Now got to find some real friends :-)
    No VPN same ip address
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