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School meals, what are your memories?

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  • PyxisPyxis Forumite
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    pogofish said:
    Vile, at best barely edible slop/sludge served by women with a fierce hatred of children, eaten in halls patrolled by psychopaths whose entire goal in life was to make your experience of eating as unpleasant and antisocial and divisive as possible.

    Dotheboys Hall?
    (I just lurve spiders!)
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  • MurphybearMurphybear Forumite
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    I was unfortunately a bit of a fussy child and had a phobia about school dinners.   At Junior School the fussy ones were put on a table together (at least I was not alone!). The food was OK I suppose, this was the late 50s/early 60s so it was mainly Meat and veg or stews.  No burgers and never had chips.  Puddings were quite nice.

    Grammar school was much better because they didn’t care if you didn’t eat  everything.  They often had cheese as an alternative for vegetarians which I loved.  We seemed to have stewed prunes or rhubarb a lot, which put me off them a bit.

  • sillyvixensillyvixen Forumite
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    I always sat next to Bridget, she always smelled of wee! I did not eat most of the food provided. I could not leave the table untill I had cleared my plate!! Wee smelling Bridget was a human dustbin and would eat everything I would not, we were not friends in the playground, but I feel that here family had little to go around food wise and we were both doing each other a favour.
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  • Living_proofLiving_proof Forumite
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    My OH and I were talking about just this yesterday. We would be at primary school late 50s and early 60s and had a lot of similar likes even though we were at the time hundreds of miles apart. Banana custard was a fave, choc sponge with choc sauce, steak pie tray bake, a sort of cheese pie which would now be called something French, fish and chips - the memories we both have are positive on the whole. I remember disliking diced beetroot and their version of salad in general. The puddings were ace and if offered we would always go for seconds!
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  • tealadytealady Forumite
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    Liver, which could be used to sole shoes
    Stew with fatty meat, watery spuds.
    Tapioca (we called it frogspawn)
    All of which I wouldnt eat
    No wonder I piled on the pounds as soon as I left.
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  • GettingtherequicklyGettingtherequickly Forumite
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    Not being allowed to leave the table until we had finished. I remember one occasion being forced to eat tomatoes, which I hated, spent the night being sick, my poor parents having to clean up after me, was only about 5 so not really old enough to know when it was time to leg it to the bathroom!
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  • TallaghtTallaght Forumite
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    Schools used to enjoy the free daily milk until Thatcher stopped it.
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    pogofishpogofish Forumite
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    edited 17 June at 9:12PM
    Pyxis said:
    Dotheboys Hall?
    Nope - just an ordinary primary school, then comp.  The primary was maybe worse, staff were much the same but it didn't have its own kitchen - All the food vanned-over from a central kitchen a couple of hours before in ancient thermal containers (some had the King George VI crest stamped on them!) that were supposed to keep it hot but never worked properly, so everything was the wrong side of lukewarm (from a bacterial POV) and metallic-tasting by the time we were sat down to eat.
  • donnajunkiedonnajunkie Forumite
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    I rarely had school dinners in primary school and mostly went home for dinner. My instinct tells me i did like them though. For a while at the beginning of secondary i returned to having school dinners. I liked them but it was not healthy. I alternated between burger and chips and hot dog and chips. It was accompanied by a flapjack. The flapjacks were lovely. The last ever time i stayed was for the xmas dinner. I got food poisoning from it. For the rest of school i went home for dinner and that was usually a bag of chips open with scraps. Our chippy used to be really nice, i miss it. The current owners make the worst chips ever.
  • Meg_xMeg_x Forumite
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    Morbier said:
    We sat at tables of 8 and pudding was served one to each table, for us to divide and serve up amongst ourselves. There was one particular pudding that only two of us liked, so we got half each!  The pudding was what is nowadays called a 'tray bake' - pastry base, a layer of jam, topped with custard, served warm/cold.  Yummy.  It was the cold custard (plus skin) that put most people off. I could eat some now. 🤪
    This reminds me of my favourite pudding. Caramel Tart.
    If we knew it was on the menu for that day, 3 or 4 of us would make sure that we were at the back of the queue, so would get a full one to ourselves.😀

    I’ve tried making it but it’s not quite the same, but I do know a couple of dinner ladies, who used to order me one from their school occasionally. They taste exactly how I remember them.

    My daughter used to love Cornflake Tart when she was at school, and I’ve perfected this, so often make her one. She’s actually told me that mine is better. 👍
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