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Mode Banking (Crypto) - referral thread

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Mode Banking (Crypto) - referral thread

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Mode is an app enabling you to earn interest on your Bitcoin (5% APY paid weekly). They have a referral programme that gives you £10 free in BTC if you either buy for £100 in Bitcoin through them or hold a minimum of 0.01 BTC in your Bitcoin Jar (their interest account) until the next interest payment date (which is every Friday).
Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, joined Mode as an advisor of the project. He has also invested in Mode and acts as a non-executive director of R8, Mode’s parent company.


  1. Sign up through      

  2.  non-ref link w/o bonus:

  3. Verify your ID - id - simple selfie - proof of address

  4. Deposit 0.01 BTC and holding it until Friday (the interest payment day) Or Bank deposit in GB£ (Free) then buy £100 in Bitcoin through Mode to trigger the bonus (cost £1). Move to Jar

  5. You'll receive the £10 bonus on Friday (if you deposited into the Jar), or you will get the bonus 24 hours after you bought the £100 in Bitcoin.

  6. You are now free to transfer out your Bitcoin (cost 0.0005 BTC - expensive in my opinion) or sell your Bitcoin (cost £1) - better option

  7. withdraw your funds (Free)

Any questions please ask I will try to help


  • lbowes20lbowes20 Forumite
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    Bought £100 worth and got notice of bonus instantly


    I use this app called Mode to buy, manage and grow my Bitcoin (by grow I mean earn interest on it while it sits in the app).

    If you sign up and buy £100 of BTC or open the Bitcoin jar you’ll get £10 for free. Check it out:

    Let me know if you need help!
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    AlbertpazAlbertpaz Forumite
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    Mode is a fantastic banking app for cash and Bitcoin.

    Having a banks that combine crypto and normal banking services allows you to deposit, save, spend, and withdraw in cash and crypto. Mode offer a high interest rate on your Bitcoin (5% APY).

    It is super easy to use and everyone with an interest in Bitcoin should look at opening a Mode account.

    Mode banking have a referral programme. You will get £20 free in Bitcoin if you either:

    Buy £100 worth of Bitcoin through the app, or transfer a minimum of £100 worth BTC into your Bitcoin Jar (their interest account) until the next interest payment date (every Friday!).

    It is a great time to take advantage of this offer with Bitcoin at all time high prices.

    Available for iPhones / iOS and Google Android


    Here are some useful referral links:


    Here are the instructions as to how to get the £20 bonus in Bitcoin.

    1. Sign up through My Referral Link This will ensure you get the £20 bonus

    2. Enter your phone number on the page and you will receive an app download link via SMS

    3. Verify your ID (Checks are usually processed in less than 10 minutes)

    4. Once account verified deposit £100 into your new Mode account from a bank account in your own name. The deposit is credited almost immediately.

    5. Once the £100 is in your account buy £100 worth of Bitcoin.

    6. Alternatively if you have Bitcoin already and do not want to buy more you can earn the referral by depositing £100 worth of BTC in yo your Bitcoin Jar (Hold for at least 2 weeks to be sure of the bonus).

    7. You will receive the £20 bonus 24 hours after you bought the £100 in Bitcoin or on a Friday if you deposited into the Jar.

    8. Depositing Bitcoin is free and for withdrawing you only pay the normal Blockchain fee.

    9. Share your referral link below!

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    bp5678bp5678 Forumite
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    Mode: Deposit & buy £100 of Bitcoin and get £20 bitcoin as a bonus. Withdraw instantly (seconds) to your bank.

    The sign up process is really straight forward and it works through “open banking” which is safe and allows you to deposit the £100 with just touching your thumbprint on your phone. As soon as you withdraw the £100 + £20 bonus, you’ll get all this money in your bank account instantly - seconds later! It’s a very “beginner friendly” Bitcoin referral without all the faff and hassle of a long, convoluted sign up process!
  • Silvester89Silvester89 Forumite
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    I use this app called Mode to buy, manage and grow my Bitcoin (by grow I mean earn interest on it while it sits in the app).

    If you sign up and open the Bitcoin Jar, or simply buy £100 of BTC, you’ll get £10 for free. Check it out:

    Let me know if you need help!
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    gavindoc27gavindoc27 Forumite
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    Mode is an app for buying/selling Bitcoin and can also be used to earn interest on Bitcoin. Available on iOS and Android.

    Non referral link (no bonus):

    Until 14/03/2020 they are offering £20 each for signing up via referral, verifying ID (took a few mins) and buying £100+ of Bitcoin. The £20 bonus is available 24 hours after £100 purchase. You can sell the Bitcoin directly in app. You can deposit and withdraw directly from/to bank account, deposit either by regular transfer or open banking.

    Full T&Cs:

    On referral link, just enter your mobile number. Then use the same mobile number when signing up on Android or iOS app.

    My referral link is:

  • f1alspf1alsp Forumite
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    This is a great offer. I would be grateful if anyone uses my referral code: ALA255462
  • MuhrenMuhren Forumite
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    I used Gavindoc27's link.

    If you sign up and open the Bitcoin Jar, or simply buy £100 of BTC, you’ll get £20 for free. Check it out:
    LBM: Dec 2012 - Debt £38,180/ Now £0.
    DFD - 17/04/2016
    Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing from something.

  • SamMoneySaverSamMoneySaver Forumite
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    * NOW on Android & iOS! *
    ✅ Sign up
    ✅ Buy £100 of BTC
    ✅ £20 BTC credited 24 hours later 
    💸 Withdraw £120
    If you sign up and open the Bitcoin Jar, or simply buy £100 of BTC, you’ll get £20 for free.
    Love Saving others Money
  • ReinventurselfReinventurself Forumite
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    Hi there fellow investors!
    The Mode app for bitcoin is now available on iPhone and Android!
    Get £20 of free bitcoins when you deposit £100 or more (credited within 24 hours).
    No obligations, you can withdraw the bonus straight away if you wish  B)

    My referral link is

    Remember to start small and get a feel of the market. Although Bitcoin is having an all time high at the moment please remember that as with all investing, your money is at risk. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you could get back less than you put in. 

    Stay safe and positive, there are better times ahead  
  • SilverSluggerSilverSlugger Forumite
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    The new bonus is £20 which pends for 24 hours before being fully withdrawable along with your original £100 deposit! Can't beat this bonus.
    (Copy and paste the above into your browser)

    Appreciate if anyone chooses to sign up to use my link above.
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