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When do you know you are officially on Universal Credit?

edited 31 May 2020 at 6:30PM in Benefits & tax credits
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JayWoff88JayWoff88 Forumite
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edited 31 May 2020 at 6:30PM in Benefits & tax credits
I had to end work in March, as I am self employed and the site shut down due to the pandemic, then it came to light that me and my work mates could not share the van to and from any other work, which is impossible since the 2 lads i work with, are unable to drive. The beginning of this month, I believe on the 2nd, I completed the online application for UC, as I am not entitled to the 80 percent pay, as I only became self employed in May of last year. I put in my claim the last date I worked and what savings I have etc, I then got a message in my journal in the UC website on 5th May saying my name and welcome to UC, which was from a woman who works at the JC near my location. I haven't heard a thing since and its approaching the 5 week mark. Just wondering if anyone knows what happens next? as I don't seem to find the right answer online apart from the 5 week wait for any pay.

Thank you!



  • calcotticalcotti Forumite
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    Are there any outstanding tasks for you to complete showing in your journal?
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  • tomtom256tomtom256 Forumite
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    From your home page click on payments and it should tell you when you may get and when you should be bale to see your statement, until that is issued it's a guessing game.
  • hucksterhuckster Forumite
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    If your claim is simple, then many verifications may have been automated. If your claim started on 2nd May, then on 2nd June, you may see a report income & expenses to do on your to-do list. You mention self employment, so if you completed this correctly when you registered the claim, the report income & expenses should appear.  If you had no self employee income or expenses, then you complete it with zeros.

    Universal Credit questions on the orginal disclosure can be confusing.  There is a question, are you currently working ?  People think this is asking whether they are currently physically doing any work.  This is not correct.  If people have a current contract of employment or are still registered as self-employed, then they should answer question as yes. It is possible to be employed, but not to be currently in receipt of earnings.

    Can you remember what you said when you registered your UC claim ?

    Any Housing costs ?   If so what type of housing e.g. Private rent, Housing Association.
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  • JayWoff88JayWoff88 Forumite
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    Thank you guys for your replies. If only id waited another day... I received a text today to tell me to log in and it has told me that I will find out how much payment I will receive on June 4th and that payment will arrive on June 8th. I thought it would have told me a whole ago. 

    Thanks anyways guys.
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