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Tax Credits Award Notice Letter - How Long Will I Be Waiting..?!

KcEliMaKcEliMa Forumite
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Hey all!
Just wondering if anyone at all for whatever reason has had to order a new Award Notice from Tax Credits? If so, how long did it take from phone call to it coming through the letter box?
I updated mine and my husband’s earnings online and then immediately received a tax credit award notice. It didn’t reflect the changes I made but I just assumed they weren’t deeming it necessary to send another notice (only makes a difference of £3 a week). I can view and amend my tax credits online, so didn’t fuss. However, we’ve just applied for a mortgage and, even though I expressed concern with the award notice, broker thought the paperwork would be sufficient. 
It isn’t. 
So I’ve rang TC and they said a new letter was issued on May 1st. We’ve not received it. Two possible scenarios are that it’s 
a) gone AWOL in the post in general,
b) is sat on the doormat of my next door neighbours, who hasn’t been back since early March due to lockdown & it being his second home..

To me, this is a nightmare! The letter won’t be posted until Monday and they say it’ll take up to two weeks. I know it can be sooner. But now all other possibilities are going on in my head. What if it’s lost again? What if they don’t actually send it? What if this one ends up next door, into what feels like a black hole? It’s peeking my anxiety ten fold and I feel rotten..

So, back to the question. Has anyone had to ring up for an Award Notice and noted how long it took to come?

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  • MrsnMrsn Forumite
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    Even pre virus it could take up to 2 weeks for it to arrive once sent. I can tell right now you are super anxious but this is out of your control....

    Theres no reason to believe a second copy won’t arrive, I know that won’t make your anxiety go away but you need to look at this logically which I understand is difficult given the situation.
  • KcEliMaKcEliMa Forumite
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    Thank you!
    Yes, they said on the phone 7-10 days then, when I re-enquired via online chat they said it wouldn’t be posted until Monday and would take up to 2 weeks. 
    I am super anxious. Unbelievably so. We’re so close to our mortgage offer and yet, now, we’re so far. And I think it’s the out of my control element that makes it worse. 

    The only glimmer of hope I have (although I’m not convinced) is I requested a Child Benefit Award last weekend. The request was acknowledged Tuesday, posted Wednesday, arrived Friday. I assume this is sent with the same second class mail as TC. 
    I’m just so desperate and, I suppose, seeking some positivity of others that may’ve needed to request theirs for whatever reason and it arriving it good time. In the meantime, this is torture..

    Thank You for your understanding 
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