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Auto pension credits

There is confusion over the cutoff date for men qualifying for auto tax pension credits. Is this October 1953 or 1954. A government Job Centre Plus leaflet (dated 2010) apparently says (page 16) that men born before October 1954 still get one year of credit. This contradicts the current site.


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    If the current information on states an earlier date (October 1953) than a 10 year old document what is the problem?
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    I don't think I'd be relying on a Jobcentre leaflet dated 10 years ago!!
    State Pension Age has changed in recent years.  The date on site says October 1953 so that's the correct one.
    A woman born on 6th October 1954 won't reach her State Pension Age until October 2020 when she is 66 years old.  So a man of the same age won't be qualifying for any credits.
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