Credit card debt - parent card HELP

I ask for judgement free help here. 
I am in a mess and I'm desperate to avoid dragging my parents into it seeing as my dad is now retired and my mum is soon to be (a few years to go). I have several debts fe years ago (did the wrong thing, then buried my head in the sand). Then had a accident (non fault) which resulted in mine being written off. Bad credit meant I couldn't get another car and as an agency nurse I rely on one. My dad very kindly put one on his credit card and  paying it off. Now, however, I've had to enter a debt management plan due to everything catching up with me. Still paying my dad but really I'd like to transfer the debt to me somehow? Is that possible? The car is registered to me, was paid outright from the dealer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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    I think you would be better posting in the debt forum. 
    As certainly does not relate to a credit card payment.
    TBH. I do not think you you will be able to.
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    Not at this stage, no. You can't take on more debt under a debt management plan.
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    Who is the debt management plan with ?
  • theresaxhx
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    Thanks for the replies. 
    It's with Payplan. 
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    Unfortunately the only way to "transfer" the debt into your name, would be for you to take out a loan or credit card in your name to pay off your parents card - for which you'd need to pass a credit check and not be in a debt management plan, so it's a non-starter I'm afraid.

    You're doing the right things. It's still your debt to your parents, so they will still be paid as part of the DMP. I'm sure your parents will understand. You've done everything you can. 

    The real crime is those in your profession being paid so little for the hard and amazing work you do that you end up in a situation like this.
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    Why didnt you buy a car with the insurance pay out from this non fault accident?
  • theresaxhx
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    My car was on finance and had only been purchased 3 months beforehand. The insurance payout when straight to the finance company to clear that.

    Thanks for the replies, they are appreciated. My parents do understand. Just wish this wasn't hanging over them too. 
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