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Holiday Extras customers furious: vouchers instead of refunds for cancelled bookings


  • bradders1983bradders1983 Forumite
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    Couldnt you have added this to the ongoing thread? 🤦‍♂️🤔
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    New User name as MSE gave me a number in my old one.
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    A bit late!
  • d0ugcap0nd0ugcap0n Forumite
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    My EasyJet flight on 31/5 has NOT been cancelled and yet Holiday Extras offered me the chance to cancel my car park booking in exchange for a voucher. I asked about the terms of the voucher:
    1. it is for money value not for hours booked - UNACCEPTABLE given prices/discounts may differ in the future
    2. it for any airport - ACCEPTABLE
    3. It is not transferable: future booking with the voucher has to be by me - UNACCEPTABLE
    4. Voucher validity if company goes out of business? No answer
    Now I asked the questions and in return was issued the voucher; those answers came much later.
    I have not cancelled my parking because my flight is still going ahead at this moment. I don't want their unsolicited, useless voucher
  • Marusya1980Marusya1980 Forumite
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    I have 2 Bookins with Smart Travel Deals parking 
    For bought I paid 
    ExtrasCancellation Cover: Yes 
    Now for 1-st one I received email with Voucher valid till 10/2020 
    I didn’t agreed with it and wrote email to ask them for full refund 
    Waiting to be cancel 2-nd one and sure they will do same 
    What to do ? 

    Marusya Marinova 
  • I have just tried to redeem my Holiday Extras credit against a transfer and in the box to use voucher it stated that there were no vouchers at my email address. I had used links from an email THEY had sent me to get to the site ! I have messaged for help with this and it will take 7-10 days for a reply. I have a lot of voucher credit with them which is showing as available to use. Has anyone else had problems with them ?
  • Booked a ski holiday with Alpine Elements, which was cancelled by them back in March, sent several emails requesting refund, making it explicitly clear we did NOT want to accept a Refund Credit Voucher. Recently received an email from them advising they've processed our Refund Credit vouchers!! Are they allowed to force us to take them?!
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