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Last ooorders!… We’re sorry but for now, due to resources, we need to close the Money Savers Arms including Discussion Time.

It’s not easy to write this. We love the forum, but we also have a job to do to protect it, our users and MoneySavingExpert, and at the moment, with all our resources focused on Coronavirus information, and all the team at home, we don’t feel we have the resources to do a good enough job.

For four months, we’ve been struggling to cope with the huge volumes of messages we’ve been getting from Forumites – many of whom are in desperate and dire straits with their finances. The team have been working all hours to try and keep on top of it. At first we thought it’d be a short sharp spike, but it isn’t, it’s continuing, so we have had some difficult choices to make about prioritisation.

Unfortunately in, and likely because of, these stressful times, the Forum team have also been receiving an increasing number of complaints about posts made on the Money Savers Arms and Discussion Time. The team have done what they can to try and walk the tightrope of balancing all the various interests, but for now we need to draw a line under this and temporarily close this Board, so we can keep the key, MoneySaving boards – where people are supporting each other through this crisis - running smoothly.

We know this board is important to you, but as the MSE stance has been forbearance throughout this crisis, now we ask that of you. We’re sorry. Of course you can post on other boards, but we’d ask you to stick to the subjects of those boards, and not use them as a surrogate Money Savers Arms or Discussion Time. And as always please be kind and friendly to each other, especially any newbies.

MSE Forum Team

Virtual Ten Tors 2020

Steve_LSteve_L Forumite
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This year, the participants will be completing their 35 mile routes around their own gardens, camping out overnight and being self-sufficient throughout only able to use things from their rucksacks that they are carrying. (apart from the toilet use, parents weren’t too keen on their children squatting in the veg patch!) This is going to be a very monotonous task for those involved, circling hundreds of times around their limited spaces, they will be raising money for the local mountain rescue teams who offer an amazing voluntary service.

A great idea, but it could be expensive: if a team gets into trouble, as one always seems to do, it'll take 6 mountain rescue teams to rescue each of them and 6 RAF helicopters to airlift each one of them from each of their gardens.

I'll get my coat ... :)

"Life is much/far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about it." Oscar Wilde, in "Vera; or, The Nihilists” (much), then "Lady Windermere's Fan" (far).

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