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Start up issues

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grahamc545grahamc545 Forumite
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Sorry if this has been discussed, I've searched through and couldn't find an answer. 
I started a new job in Feb, but had a letter about my pension in Jan 2020 prior to starting. It said I could opt in sooner other wise I'll be enrolled in April 2020. I tried to enroll for my starting month Feb 2020, the said companies portal online was broken so I emailed them trying to speed this along to no avail and subsequently my pension had now started in April. 

I re_emailed the company saying I wasn't happy with this and asked if there was anything they could do and they said there wasn't.

I Appreciate its only two months of an issue but I wanted to know if it was fact, that there was nothing that could be done? Or can I take it further in anyway? 




  • LHW99LHW99 Forumite
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    You'll probably get an answer if you post on the main board. This one was poorly frequented before they re-did the site, and I don't think it gets looked at any more frequently since.
  • AlbermarleAlbermarle Forumite
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    Probably you could push harder for the missing two months . However in a new job you have to be a bit careful causing too much of a fuss until your feet are under the table .
  • grahamc545grahamc545 Forumite
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    I know thats what I thought but luckily the company I work for isn't associated with the pension provider

    Thanks to both for responding
    LHW99, how do you post on the main board, Im finding this website really hard to navigate around, albeit helpful
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