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Well, I’m 100% debt free. Have been battling debt all of my adult life, to the point I was using the majority of my pay to service it. 
The last couple of years have been....challenging. Me and my husband separated, his mental health issues contributed massively to our issues and it got to the point that he just wasn’t functioning as a partner, and hadn’t been for years. We split, and have sold the house. I used a big chunk of my equity to completely clear everything I owed. I am now in rented accommodation with my new partner, am blissfully happy, and have a healthy nest egg in the bank, that is going up every month. At some point we may look to buy another house, but at the moment we’re putting the kids through Uni and will then decide where we want to live. 
Anyway, haven’t been on here for a while, but have had loads of help and advice over the years from folk on here under various usernames . Shall continue to pop in to keep myself on the straight and narrow and to get savings tips! 😊
Proud to be dealing with my debts.
Debt £58,000 @1/6/16 Debt free April 2020


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