Refund for cancelled retreat

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Refund for cancelled retreat

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dutchcloggiedutchcloggie Forumite
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In January I signed up for a songwriting retreat next week. I paid £450 (with a debit card. Stupid, I know). The retreat would be a week with 12 people in a hostel with the organiser delivering daily courses and offering all kinds of activities around songwriting. Food and board included.

Last week, before total lock down, the organiser said the retreat would continue but that he would now be delivering the content online and that those who felt like it would still be welcome to travel to the hostel at their own risk. So he changed the content of the course but chickened out of cancelling. He did not mention a refund, presumably because he made it an individual choice for people to go or not.

I'm a nurse and of course at that point was not able to take the risk of congregating with people and risk infection. On top of that, my annual leave was at risk of being cancelled. I emailed the organiser to urge him to reconsider public safey and to cancel the retreat, telling him I would no longer be able to participate, online or otherwise. 

Now in total lockdown, I have had no communication from him. I emailed him to say I assume the retreat was now cancelled and that I would like to discuss a refund.

His reply: I will think about refund options.

Long story but surely I am simply due a refund? The retreat has been changed from a week full board to an online delivery of videos. That's not what I paid for. 

What are my rights? Or did I lose my rights when I said I would not be attending due to being a nurse? That seems unfair?



  • DoaMDoaM Forumite
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    You're entitled to a refund ... the seller can't unilaterally change the terms of the contract without allowing the consumer the right to cancel for a full refund. If he won't oblige, raise a chargeback request with your bank.
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    Letter before action then small claims.  Keep copies of all correspondence to date.  
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