Working in an industry that is closed

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Working in an industry that is closed

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DottydoolayDottydoolay Forumite
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I appreciate everything is new and facts are limited. I thought the whole idea of hospitality venues being closed was for safety but I’m hearing that labour has to be proved to get the 80 percent wage grant.
So employees are still expected to attend their place of work to clean them etc or won’t be paid via the government? 
I have searched and searched but can’t find and information anywhere.


  • Takeaway_AddictTakeaway_Addict Forumite
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    It will be likely that if you go in to work then you will be paid as normal however should you be put on furlough then you will get 80% but have to not be active at work- though wait for confirmation of course
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  • sharpe106sharpe106 Forumite
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    If you are being furloughed and your employer is claiming the 80% from the government then you can do no work for the company during that time. It is to protect jobs that might be lost during the crisis. Unfortunately they will be many companies who will see it as either free money and claim it anyway or see it as free labour.

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