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Holiday bookings in the UK

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ShelleShelle Forumite
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I have searched the forum to see if I could find any answers, however it all seems to relate to holidays abroad.
I was looking to book a self catering property in July in England.  As we all know there is a (at the moment) slight risk of Coronavirus affecting travel or areas within the UK.  Whilst I am not avoiding travel or going to public places at the moment, I was wondering whether insurance would cover cancellation because of the virus either by us or by the owner?  Information from the Government all seems to relate to travel abroad so am struggling to relate it to within the UK.  I guess you could say we have this issue with any events in the summer (sport, theatre, gigs, hotels and so on) but again trying to relate the advice provided to within the UK is difficult.

Any thoughts or experience yet?



  • zx81zx81 Forumite
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    What does the wording of your policy say?
  • ShelleShelle Forumite
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    I havent booked yet, but when I asked the question this is what they said:
    What if I have to self-isolate: our insurance does cover this – as long as the customer can prove that either they have travelled to an infected area (as per FCO guidelines) or that their healthcare professional has told them to. If they do not have our insurance, you should advise them to check their cover or purchase a policy that offers cover.

    ·        What if the area I’m travelling to becomes somewhere the FCO advise against travel to: this is classed as ‘force majeure’ and no insurance policy will cover this. We do not offer refunds in this case but as a company we would endeavour to help as much as we could ie re-house, change of dates  but this would be at the discretion of the owner.

    It is more focused on travel abroad though rather than in the UK which makes it difficult to relate to my booking.

  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    Who did you ask?
  • 1Jayboygreen1Jayboygreen Forumite
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    Hi, I booked a holiday on in Scotland on the 18th July, and the place we were staying in advertised a spa, swimming pool, snooker tables game room, outdoor facilities. So when Covid struck we kept in touch with the vendor to see if we were or when we were allowed in Scotland. The conversation was answered, but none of the facilities were open, pubs were only outside depending on weather or booked in advance? so because we have children and they would be bored we decided to cancel, but were then told no refund? is this correct even though the advert said all these facilities available yet they were not available to us, and it was not our fault, in other words £1000 cost for 3 days to sit in a family room? can I claim back either through my credit card or Thank you
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