Virgin Media "Loyalty Package" savings of £198 per year with one call!!!

Hi all

Am really pleased to say I have just made a saving of £198 per year with one... well 2 phone calls.

I am with Virgin Media at the moment and pay £40.50 per month:
Telephone Line Rental £11 per mth
TV Size L £11.50 per mth
Broadband M £18.00 per mth

I called to enquire about the 3 for £30 offer which they said would not be a problem and that they would set me up today and it would include a free upgrade to the TV XL package! (Great deal all round!)

After then coming off the phone and looking at their website, and this one, I realised that although I now have a cheaper service I also have channels I dont really want to watch! So I called them back.

They then surprisingly said that they could offer me a "loyalty package" which is £24 per mth (a furtehr £6 per month saving!)

This consisted of:
Telephone Line Rental (which is what I had originally), TV Size L (Which what I had originally) and Broadband M (which... wait for it.............again which is what I had originally).

I now have exactly the same service I had 10 minutes ago for a whopping £198 per year cheaper!!!!

Some of you may be on the 3 for £30 however if you have channels you dont watch, it may be worth considering changing to a more suited package for you personally, not just going with what they want you to have!

That has to be my best days work ever :rotfl: :T

Get calling :-) Enjoy
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