ERROR MESSAGE when saving after editing.

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ERROR MESSAGE when saving after editing.

edited 18 February at 4:40PM in Site Feedback
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edited 18 February at 4:40PM in Site Feedback
I have some old threads that I edit on an almost daily basis. I have edited these several times since the new forum launched with no problems.
Today when I click on "Save" I get the error message shown below. Note that the edited post HAS been saved if I close the error and "cancel" (so it may be a redirection problem after the operation - you are sent to the end of the thread when I would expect you to remain at the post you've edited). This happens on post #1 but not on any subsequent posts in the thread.

FYI - Each of these threads I maintain is basically an index to other threads on the forum. I know (from the (now solved) problems reported with thread length and inability to edit post#1) that this type of thing is used on several different parts of the forum, but on Competitions Time we have a whole sub-forum that is made up entirely of this kind of thread.


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