Veichle reversed into me

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Veichle reversed into me

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asynoasyno Forumite
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I was driving down a busy  main road, at 30mph (the speed limit). I saw a recovery truck parked up at the side of the road so I drove past. The next thing I knew was he'd hit me. Its damaged my passenger rear door on the left side and scuffed his front bumper on the right corner.
I got out and he said twice it wasn't my fault. He's now denying fault, as he says he was reversing into someone's driveway, but can't see how it could be my fault if I'm driving down the road, he should of waited till it was clear and safe before starting to reverse. I recorded the conversation, which the company are now asking for a copy. Has anyone got any idea where I stand? I believe if I was driving on the main road I had right of way as he was parked up?
I think he just assumes I'm stupid and he's trying it on because I'm young. 


  • ElephantBoy57ElephantBoy57 Forumite
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    Did you exchange details and pass them on to your insurance company? They will deal with these things every day.
    Did you get the details of the recovery truck too, photo evidence, witnesses?
  • Aylesbury_DuckAylesbury_Duck Forumite
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    Submit your honest account, attach photos, make a sketch of the scene (location of both vehicles, pertinent things like the driveway he was reversing into, etc) and let your insurance company deal with it, but be prepared for them to accept a 50:50 shared blame.  It's the way most of these things go where it's a he-said/she-said situation and neither party accepts total blame.

    A roadside admission of liability doesn't help, even if you recorded it.
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