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Does anyone have any idea about decent baby monitors?

I just want something that I can look at my new baby, ideally on my phone but it seems all ones that involve an app send data / images to whatever company you go with.



  • Hi, probably best of this was posted on the money saving mums board.
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    You won't find one without the data sharing, they work by storing the information on a server to allow your phone to access it. The only way around it would be to set up your own server and camera system at home and set up your own remote access to that system, you're talking hundreds of £ for that and a lot of tech/networking/server/camera system knowledge.
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    I thought about doing what you said but I decided against it. If you need to have baby monitor on the whole time e.g. during the evenings, you can't use your phone.
    If the baby is young is recommended to nap/sleep in the same room as an adult, even if adult not sleeping. We didn't use a baby monitor for the first 6 months.
    I bought a Motorola monitor at black Fridays event from Amazon.
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