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Shower timer Acqua tempus, has anyone tried it yet?

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edited 24 January 2020 at 10:31PM in Green & Ethical MoneySaving
hi to everyone
we have three kids
they jump into the shower and forget about the timea and waste huge amounts of water and gas.
so we need something to restrict the maximum shower time to prevent from wasting gas an water and reduce our bills.
I have found out this device , which apparently seems to be good
it is called ACQUA TEMPUS
made in Spain and they send it over here
my request is : has anyone tested it? does any one know how reliable it is?
just this so far...


  • this website does not let me place a link to this product, if you look for acqua tempus in google it just comes out, easy to see

    I will be very glad if anyone can give me a review about this device in case they have tried it
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    I have bought it , I ddid need some kind f solution for my kids' EXTREMELY long showers
    this is it: 
    easy to install and to use
    expensive though
    Leisure Controls (Dorset) is selling them here
    call them and see
    cheers mate!!
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