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Can I cancel my UC as may in a position to buy flat in the near future

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Can I cancel my UC as may in a position to buy flat in the near future

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lexymumof2lexymumof2 Forumite
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So I am a single mum of 2, at present I live with my parents so I only receive the standard amount for a 27 year old and for 2 children under 18.

I had to leave my job in October after maternity leave as my childcare fell through for 1 day and my employer could not reduce my hours. I notified UC of this immediately and moved back in with parents because of this, so all is fine with UC they are not currently asking anything of me.

My parents are going to be selling their property within a year or two and had said to my sister and I they are going to buy a flat and give whatever is left from the house to me and my sister so we can get on the property ladder.

As I am not currently working I know in order to get a mortgage I will need to find employment, and within the time frame my childcare situation will resolve (youngest will go to nursery) so I am confident I will find employment or start my own business (mentioned below) and start supporting myself.

I have already spoken to a mortgage adviser (friend of the family) who has said my dad is young enough to be able to get a mortgage with me (as my future estimated wage would not be enough to purchase in the area I live in), but has advised me to come off UC as soon as possible as it can effect my chances of getting a mortgage, he said most of the leading banks will not accept someone if they have been claiming recently.

I have spoken to my parents in depth about this, and they are happy to support me and my 2 children completely so I can come off UC. I have a degree in photography, so the plan would be for them to support me while I start up my own photography business, I have already done the ground work and built a portfolio and already have some enquiries coming in, so I feel like this could be a viable way of me supporting myself, once childcare is sorted and I'm ready to start taking bookings.

So my main question is: Can I cancel UC? If so how?

(please note I do not owe UC any money from an advance or anything like that)

There is next to no information online, I am so very grateful for the help UC has given me, and please know, I know I am extremely extremely lucky to be in my position and so very privileged my parents are able and willing to help me out in this period of my life.

So please be kind with replying I really am only seeking advice as I fall short on all my research.

Thank you


  • TELLIT01TELLIT01 Forumite
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    What advantage to you do think coming off UC without any other income will be? Have you spoken to anybody at UC about possible continuing entitlement whilst attempting to set up a business.
  • _shel_shel Forumite
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    Speak to another, independent of family, mortgage advisor. We used tax credits info along with disability benefits and wages info and were granted a mortgage.
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  • Well simply that it wont show on my record, I haven't as of yet no as it has only just been discussed thats why I wanted some advice before moving forward.
  • Thanks you _shel I will do!

    This all doesn't have to happen immediately so I will get it arranged to speak to other mortgage adviser. The only reason I spoke to the family friend is because at present we don't know how much I will have for a deposit and other fees so I didn't want to waste anyones time, but on the other hand want to be prepared so when the house is sold and the money is ready what to be in a position I can move forward immediately.

    Thank you for your advise x
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