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Utter madness

edited 14 January 2020 at 5:29PM in Discussion Time
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  • QuasarQuasar Forumite
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    VfM4meplse wrote: »
    Twelve angry - and incredibly opinionated - men...


    Great film that. :T
    Be careful who you open up to. Today it's ears, tomorrow it's mouth.
  • MariscoMarisco Forumite
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    Why not just make the chargers and the holes they go in all one size on everything? Then all you'd need is the one charger that will do for every gizmo you own? No need to have one supplied with every item you have then.
  • rupertsruperts Forumite
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    This thread is classic brexit.

    People getting angry over some abysmal tabloid nonsense, only to find on closer inspection that it's actually a really good idea from the EU. So then they start parroting some other ranty nonsense they've read in their gutter rags.

    For all the intellectuallising about why brexit happened, it's all here in this thread.
  • MidlandsGloryMidlandsGlory Forumite
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    VfM4meplse wrote: »
    They are called silent-but-deadly with very good reason. I'd take a gentle hum over countless casualties any day.

    On mine you could switch it off I used to call it 'Assassin Mode'

    My beef with the EU is they only do half the job, sure cut down on excess chargers but also put into place standardisation for all USB powered/charged devices.

    As mentioned by others, USB C is the best current standard and finally.... it doesn't matter which way you plug things in!
    (I know Apple already did this).

    Why does that matter? I have seen countless devices over the years bought to me to see if I could fix them that had one simple fault, the charging socket had been damaged or detached from the circuit board, people (we all do it) trying to shove the cable in before realising it needed to go the other way round.
    Literally hundreds of millions of devices must have seen an early death from this (tablets. phones, torches, cameras, you name it).

    A switch to a bi-orientation (stop it!) standard would save enough waste to make the unneeded charger pile look insignificant.
  • HRH_MUngoHRH_MUngo Forumite
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    Quasar wrote: »
    In three weeks time I will return to an EU country to take up my residence there again, vacating the current property in the UK. I will be replying to posts from there, and translating the most outrageous accusations levelled at the EU to my friends, over a glass of wine or two. :cool:

    *awaits onslaught*

    I hope you are very happy and have a nice life xx
    I used to be seven-day-weekend
  • edited 14 January 2020 at 9:06PM
    JackmydadJackmydad Forumite
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    edited 14 January 2020 at 9:06PM
    It's a worthy effort from the EU. And that's what they are "worthy"
    I wonder how much it cost to come up with this?
    It's not that it's a bad idea, although I reckon that what it means in practice is that you'll still pay the same for your phone, but you won't get a charger included.
    "That'll be £x.99 extra sir / madam" ta!
    If you want one.
    And it does nothing to address the things already mentioned, built in obsolescence in the form of batteries that can be fiendishly difficult to change, and the well know "autobreako" sub-tiny USB socket found on lots of things. I've changed more than one myself.
    And in the greater scheme of things, it will make little real difference. It's politicians saying "Look what we done to save you from yourself! Ain't we clever! (PS don't forget that you paid us to do it, and will suffer the unforeseen consequences.) "
    Finally, we already have our own happy band of worthies, sat on expensive green leather seats, to decide these things. One objection to the EU as a political animal was that it was just another layer of bureaucratic government added to the existing.
  • melburymelbury Forumite
    13.2K posts
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    Marisco wrote: »
    Why not just make the chargers and the holes they go in all one size on everything? Then all you'd need is the one charger that will do for every gizmo you own? No need to have one supplied with every item you have then.

    Because that would be far too sensible;)
    Stopped smoking 27/12/2007, but could start again at any time :eek:

  • username901username901 Forumite
    236 posts
    I'd love to see a law that all phones must have user replaceable components such as battery, screen and storage. There have been a few.modular phone start ups, don't think they got any where. Shame as it's a great idea. In fact expand it to laptops and tablets too - far more important that aesthetics.
  • eyeintheskyeyeinthesky Forumite
    381 posts
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    I think that many on this thread don't have teenage granddaughters or daughters. I have 2 granddaughters, and both of them have broken several iphone chargers. That's without mentioning the screens or the tablets and laptops they have broken.
  • MariscoMarisco Forumite
    42K posts
    Tenth Anniversary 10,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    If my daughter was a teenager now and she kept breaking her charger, she'd soon learn that she either takes care of it or does without :D
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