Confused about parking fine.

Hi all today I received a pnc saying badge eaten it visible and clock set to 7:30am . Ticket was at 11:15am which is easily understood but upon ringing automated payment line and putting fine number in it just hung up saying payments cannot be accepted. ???? So I rang council and they spoke to parking and said the charge was set at £0:00.???? Guy on the phone said 0 charge so it's not valid. My concern is that the council updates there system later and charges me.


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    As this is a council ticket you have posted on the wrong board, try peppipoo
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    And do not use a Hotmail email address for signing up, use Gmail or similar
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    Private Parking ticket? check the 2 sticky threads by coupon-mad and crabman in the Parking Tickets, Fines & Parking Board forum for the latest advice or maybe try pepipoo or C.A.G. or legal beagles forums if you need legal advice as well because this parking forum is not about debt collectors or legal matters per se
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