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Wheel Alignment discrepancies between two garages

in Motoring
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in July, I got wheel alignment done for my Nissan Qashqai from a KQuikFit garage. this week(I drove ~2k miles between July and now), I noticed, passenger tyre is getting bald from outside and steering felt wobbly. I went to another independent garage for Wheel Alignment check. Their diagnostic was that front wheels are way off and misaligned. I showed wheel alignment from KQuikFit in July and showed the adjustments paper and receipt. This independent garage said, KQuikFit adjusted wheel incorrectly and the adjustment they applied in July are valid for Nissan Qashqai+2 model. hence you have bald tyre. I paid again and wheel alignment corrected as claimed by this independent garage. all done.
Then I straight drove to same KQuikFit done alignment in July, asked for Free Wheel Alignment check but did not tell that the wheel alignment is just done. so they done wheel alignment check again-- surprise, surprise: I was told the wheels are way out, and needs to be aligned for £60!! I shell shocked & asked, are you sure? how that could be??? and he said he is sure and showed me readings on tv screen which I have no clue what that means. then I told him I just got wheel aligned across the road!! and here is receipt and explained what other garage told me about incorrect settings done by KQuikFit.
KQuikFit kept insisting their alignment settings are correct(eventhough my left tyre is getting bald cos of these adjustments!) and blaming other garage for applying incorrect settings.
KQuikFit claims their computer shows wheel alignment is wrong now and needs to adjusted by paying £60 and saying other garage wheel alignment is wrong and the other garage tells KQuikFit is wrong!!!

I looked at google and first result is from garagewire KQikFit charges for unnecessary work in undercover sting(sorry cant post the url)
this is from this article:
In Nottingham, the reporter was charged £49.95 for a wheel-alignment adjustment but the wheels had already been aligned at an independent garage beforehand.
pretty much, nothing has changed!
on Monday I am going to confirm with this independent garage to tell what KQikFit told me about their adjustment.
any way to find out how these adjustments are done and find out who is really wrong/correct here?


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