Creation Credit Cards: Changes afoot?

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    I think they first got removed last week or maybe the week before.

    I have a script to run my details through the eligibility check to see if they'll finally give me a 'normal' card.

    If you try to "apply" / eligibility check it shows:
    Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting applications for this card and we apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

    The wording of that would suggest it's not being axed for existing customers, but of course that can change.

    Will be interesting to see if they 'replace' them! I would have thought their direct market was fairly big (I know at least 3 people with Creation Everyday, and only me with a branded card) so servicing / collections etc would surely struggle to turn a profit if they are scaling back.

    Hopefully it's just temporary!
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    No, there aren't, I'm pretty sure (outside of the Amex stable, anyway) - the 0.3% interchange cap has hit credit card rewards in the EU hard, as the swipe fees can't sustain that level of reward. Tesco and Sainbury's CC's don't give you back that value in their reward points, the only way you'd come close is with Amex, their various cards will still get you there, as their own branded (non-cobrand, so excluding BA/SPG/Nectar/Costco) swipe fees are not capped.

    Creation ED also waived other forms of income for the provider, being forex fees and cash advance fees, so not surprising if they've pulled it, although I'm hoping it continues for existing cardholders.

    Arguably the Tesco debit card is the most rewarding of them all - I get 2.4 - 3.1% from it which is why I spend as much as I do in their stores.
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    Arguably the Tesco debit card is the most rewarding of them all - I get 2.4 - 3.1% from it which is why I spend as much as I do in their stores.

    It is, but only based on spending in Tesco or their petrol stations, and for those who can maximise the value of Clubcard points.

    For normal spend, 1 point/£8 (rounded, bearing in mind Tesco round down, so £7.99=0 points) can be beaten. Think of BA Avios as an example; 1x Clubcard point=2.4 Avios, so you essentially earn 0.3 Avios/£1, vs 1-1.5 using Amex cards, or even 0.4/£1 from the IHG Rewards Club premium Mastercard (£1=2xIHG points=0.4 Avios). This assumes an exact division of £8 is spent to get that amount on the Tesco card too.

    Appreciate this is only one example, so everyone's circumstances are different.
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