last year's cash leftover in a stocks and shares ISA

I deposited £20,000 of cash in a stocks and shares ISA at the end of the last tax year. Due to Unexpected family circumstances, I lost track of the fact that I had never got around to buy the shares that I meant to buy, and have just realised that the money has remained in the ISA, univested. My bad, I know!

But it's now a new tax year, and I have another £20, 000 to put in the ISA. If I put that into the ISA too , Can I spend both last years and this year's allowances in one go, buying £40,000 worth of shares?

Or can I only purchase £20,000 worth of investments in the year, even though the money was transferred in two different tax years?

Thanks to anyone who can point me towards a clear answer to this question!


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