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Vodafone red entertainment- “free” extras

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Vodafone red entertainment- “free” extras

edited 13 May 2019 at 3:47PM in Phones & TV
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edited 13 May 2019 at 3:47PM in Phones & TV

I’ve recently moved over the a monthly Vodafone red entertainment package as it is the most cost effective way of using my phone when in the USA (6+weeks per year).

As part of the package I’ve been offered Amazon Prime or a Now TV pass. My initial thought is that’s it’s probably more hassle than it’s worth but thought I’d ask people here.

Couple of bits of background to consider:
We have a sky tv package here in UK and
An Xfinity (cable) package in a property we own in USA.

We definitely won’t be cancelling either of these , both have any channels we are interested in and are well used.
We only watch tv on physical TVs so no streaming anything on tablets, phones or iPads etc.

I don’t order much from Amazon.

Is there any value in signing up for one of these and, if I did, could we view it from the US as we do tend to have more time on our hands over there.
The tv in the US property is brand new and has all sorts of broadband/web functionality (you can tell I’m not technical) so maybe stuff could be streamed onto it.

My gut feel is that it won’t offer anything we don’t have already and, if I’m honest, I’m reluctant to sign up to anything that would be problematic to cancel if at the end of the phone contract (Aug 2020) I decided not to renew.

I’d welcome peoples views as it’s quite possible there’s something I’m missing/haven’t thought of.

One thing I have wondered though- we are in Yellowstone National Park for 3 days later in the year with no internet or TV. I could take the iPad and download things to watch beforehand?
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