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Hello :) Just a quick question really.

Me and my partner recently went into HSBC to apply for a mortgage, we were very lucky and got accepted there and then for the mortgage (based on the valuation coming back ok!) We only needed a mortgage of 83% as we have a large deposit and the house isn't very much.

I have scrolled through the internet so many times but cannot seem to find anyone in the same position as us, just wanting to know if this has happened to anyone else? and if so, after the valuation happened how long did it take for the documentation to be sent to yourself.

Thank you.


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    Until you receive a formal mortgage offer you haven't been accepted for one. Lenders perform a series of checks of which the property valuation is one part of the process. Majority of mortgages are approved seamlessly. Will be a matter of days after the valuation if no matters arise.
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  • No I understand, like I said it's all ok as long as the valuation comes back ok. The application does not go to underwriters as it was accepted in branch (much to the mortgage lady's and my surprise).
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    Some applications do get signed off by the HSBC branch manager so no underwtriter is needed, so all sounds about right to me
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