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Years ago I had a Halifax Credit card. It's so long ago now that I don't recall when. At least 10+ years. I lost my job and struggled to maintain the payments. Interest racked up and I ended up with a decent high 4-figures debt which I ignored, because I wasn't working or well enough to deal with it at the time.

I was hit with all sorts of debt letters from different directions, but they were all for relatively small amounts. Eventually everything was paid off except for this one debt. Some time later I started getting letters from Cabot Financial. It was a significant debt. I was still in financial difficulties, but I didn't want to ignore it. I started making payments that were really beyond what I should have been paying at the time. Eventually I defaulted after I'd paid around 1/3 back. I went to the CAB and with their help set up payments of £5pm which I maintained for some years.

About 18 months ago, I was again in significant difficulties and was struggling to pay essential debts. I managed to keep on top of those but the payment to Cabot was cancelled.

Since then I've had a succession of very polite letters from Cabot asking for me to get in contact, but not demanding it. Telling me that it's time for a review and that they'd like me to get in touch. It's been really soft language.

Today I've received a letter stating that I have 30 days to get in touch before they hand my account back to their, 'regular' team.

I keep half an eye on my credit score through Clearscore who use Equifax. There is no reference to this debt on my credit account.

My wife lost her job just before Christmas and we've recently gone on to Universal Credit so there's no way I can make any significant payments.

I've got 2 questions -
1. Does anyone know which credit bureau Cabot or Halifax use? I'm curious as to whether this debt is showing up elsewhere. Is there a central way of checking or do I need to sign up to each individually and cancel within the 30 day free trial?

2. Bearing in mind that I've made payments over the years, but that requests since I've stopped payments have been soft, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should proceed?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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