Are BT Trying To Scare Me?

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I am just hitting my 30 day window on the end of my BT broadband contract and need them to reduce by at least £10 per month to be competitive but they are offering me only £2 discount off current package.

I told them I wanted to give notice but the man in retentions has told me if I do that then another provider is prohibited from doing anything for that 30 day period and that to ensure no breaks in service I really have to instruct another provider without giving BT notice.

That doesn't seem right to me and I am thinking BT are using that to push me into another billing period?

Any advice around this please?
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    They are right , the new supplier notifies BT that they are taking over and the transfer starts .

    Just cancelling BT starts a 30 day cease
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    That doesn't seem right to me and I am thinking BT are using that to push me into another billing period?
    It is right, broadband switches are gaining provider led now. If you cancel BT it will put a cease on the line and no-one will be able to take it over until the cease is processed and the line disconnected. You will also likely be charged the wholesale cease fee (about £30 I think). This could mean you also having to pay a fee for reconnection and possibly getting a new phone number.
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    So proceed to sign up with another provider. When BT receive the notification they'll (probably) be back to you with a much better offer. (This is exactly what happened with my daughter at her flat. The decent BT initial contract was ending, they wouldn't give another decent offer, she signed up with TalkTalk and BT came back with a decent offer - even less than her previous contract).
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