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Personal Injury Trust (PIT)

Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask. I want to get some advise about a PIT. The deed has been drawn up and the account is in the process of being opened. I understand what I can and can’t use the trust for e.g. day to day living costs, which is fine. What I’m struggling to understand and I’ve been given conflicting information on is spending the money that is held in the trust. I will have access to a cheque book which needs to be signed by the other trustees, but not many places accept cheques anymore. Can I cash a cheque into my personal bank account and the spend it from there? I have been told yes and no by different people on this, or would it be best to purchase on my credit card and then clear the credit card with a cheque from the trust fund? Hope this makes sense.


  • You have landed on the benefit forum and hopefully a BG will move it to the correct one (although i'm not sure which)
    I don't see an issue with a cheque being issued to your current account for you to withdraw from there.
    Perhaps the trustees could help you with this?
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