Sky Broadband deal

After getting a good deal with my Sky TV I have been rather lazy and didn`t bother ringing about my broadband so (fibre unlimited, line rental and anytime calls was £46.99.

Yesterday I rang Sky and spoke to retention department who could only offer me the same package for £38. Of course I declined and was all ready to move to Now Broadband when I decided to try online chat this morning. Mentioned the cost of Now broadband which was £23.50 including free anytime calls. Sky immediately came back with a price of £26 which I would have accepted but tried to push him a little more and was offered £23 for unlimited fibre, line rental and anytime calls on a new 12 month contract :D.

"Your monthly cost with the discussed discount would be £23 per month for 12 months and thereafter £46.99 per month"

I have never been successful on chat before, didn`t really want the hassle of changing so including my TV package its £50 a month which is £5 less than last year :T


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