Virgin Media Contract not as negotiated

Help-I have been paying £48 pm for broadband and landline. Contacted Virgin Media via their web site and went on -do you want to leave us- site and said I was leaving for Plus net they would give me the same for £25pm. A long negotiation entailed and they offered me a new bundle with everything I have now and some TV stuff I don't want for £34 pm-the TV stuff I don't want- and no connection etc charges so I said OK -the contract has now come through for me to sign and it is for £56pm-which is the normal price for this bundle- and all the connection charges. I have a transcript of the internet conversion.
Should I sign the contract and hope they stick to the deal agreed???


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    NO contact VM .
    If you sign then its a valid contract at that price.
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    You never need to sign anything from VM. After 14 days is becomes the contract. AKAIK.

    You need to get onto them and get it corrected.
    They do this with most people!

    Just make sure there is no credit or discount making up the difference.

    Another sales advistor may throw that deal away, and start again (I think that person then gets the commission!).
    Don't agree to TV if you aren't going to use it. It will only cause problems in 12 months time with big price increase (and receiving the returning TV boxes)
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