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I'm currently in the process of purchasing a flat in a new(ish) development, the one I'm buying is 2 years old. I've just started to look at broadband options and by entering in the postcode in to any of the major broadband providers they are saying that broadband is available but fibre isn't, but when I select any of the other buildings in the same street with the same postcode including the flats in the building next to this one they all say they have fibre available. This strikes me as a little odd as to why this 1 building would have been left out. I have also done a check on the ofcom website ( and with just the postcode in it states that only some of the addresses have fibre (superfast in their terminology), but when I select my particular flat it shows a tick against the superfast availability.

Is there a way I can find out definitively what the deal here is, I've pinged BT a message and they just say it's not available but if I can give them a landline then they can do another check. Is there any chance that would yield different results, I cant see why it should, and I doubt there is a landline in there now since it was originally a BTL and has been empty for a little while (although I am chasing to see if they have a landline number).

If there isn't a possibility of getting Fibre here then are there any decent 4G deals that offer unlimited data and tethering? I work from home and can quite often consume over 10-20+GB a day.


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    It can be that your flat is fed off a different cab ( green boxes by the side of the road ) to your neighbours, it's not unknown for opposite sides of streets or even adjoining property not having fibre while the other does.

    Why is fibre that important as opposed to ADSL at say 17mb ?
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  • The postcode test shows what is available in a general area. And a post code can cover a lot of individual properties.
    The most accurate way is to provide a phone number for the property as it identifies a single line so should have the most accurate data.
    Next best is to use the address checker (this also needs to be used when the phone number of the property is on Virgin or an LLU as these don't show on the BT Wholesale checker)

    The BT Wholesale checker can be found at and has a link to the address checker towards the bottom.
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