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Hi there, I applied to experian for a copy of my credit file, received it today but was surprised to note it only listed my details. I remember getting these before and it listed every member in my family, but this time only me :rolleyes: I wonder when did they change that? I guess, it's a way of making more money for them to request £2 for each member's report URGH!! :mad:
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    if that is the case i am gald they have changed it i wud hate to see my parents and other memebers of the family and vice a guess its prob more down to the data protection act

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    What's on my credit report? :

    'Information about other people
    Your file may include financial information about members of your family who live, or have lived, with you. Lenders can take this information into account when assessing an application you make for credit. By law this information must be included on your credit file because you must be shown all the information that is available to lenders, whether or not they use it.

    The rules on using information about other people are changing and, in the future, financial information about other people will not be included on your file. After these changes have been made, only your own credit history, and that of anyone you share a financial responsibility with, will be provided to a lender.'

    I heard that these changes has already started recently...
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