I will beat this debt!!

Hi everyone and welcome to my debt free diary! :)
I have been lurking for a few weeks now and I have subscribed to a few diaries. Seeing how well everyone is doing has given me the kick up the backside to tackle my debts and get them paid off quicker!
A bit of a lowdown for you guys. I have a spreadsheet containing all my incomings and outgoings for the month (I get paid weekly on a zero hour contract so income changes all the time), I am a single parent to my DD and my aim is to be debt free within the next 2 years. I want to save up for a house and be able to do nice things with my DD :)

As it stands my combined debt is at £7,272.51 :eek:
Loan £7,500/ £5,562.51. I have 40 months left on this if I make the standard repayments.
Debt 2 £3,290/£1,710. This is due to end october 2021. Fingers crossed I can reduce this alot quicker!
EF £259.31/£1000

Apologies if I have rambled. Any and all advice is welcomed :)
Thank you for reading x


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