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FREE month on SMARTY Mobile (worth up to £20) plus £10 extra credit

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FREE month on SMARTY Mobile (worth up to £20) plus £10 extra credit

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**UPDATED 11/09/20 to show latest info and offers**

is a comparatively new SIM-only mobile network owned by 3 (Three) and which runs on the Three UK network. The emphasis is on fair pricing and there are monthly plans available without an ongoing contract. The following plans are available:

Data discount plans:
  • 1GB - £6 for 1GB of data, unlimited calls and texts
  • 2GB - £7 for 2GB of data, unlimited calls and texts
  • 3GB - £8 for 3GB data, unlimited calls and texts
Data Discount
A great feature of the above plans is that you receive a refund for any unused data, which is offset against the cost of your next monthly plan. The discount for unused data is £1 per GB, but this is calculated per unused megabyte (MB), so no matter how much (or how little) data you have left, you will still get a discount for it. For example, if you picked the 1GB plan and used no data at all, you would get a £1 discount on the cost of your plan in the following month.

“Way too good to miss” plans:
  • 30GB - £10 for 30GB of data, unlimited calls and texts
  • 50GB - £15 for 50GB 100GB of data, unlimited calls and texts NB. If you order a SIM on this plan between 25/08/20 and 06/10/20 and activate it by 20/10/20, you will receive double data (i.e. 100GB per month) for 12 months, as long as you remain on this plan for that 12-month period.
  • Unlimited - £20 for unlimited data, calls and texts

Extra Data
You can add extra data to all plans in multiples of 1GB at £1 each. Extra data does not expire - it stays valid on your account until you either use it in full, or you choose to leave SMARTY.

New Group Plans
SMARTY have recently implemented the facility to have group plans, where up to eight people can join a group (friends or family) - and they all save 10% on their monthly plan cost. The group leader is responsible for payment of the monthly charges, so this is perhaps best suited to families or close friends. However as SMARTY is pay-as-you-go, group members cannot run up big bills for the group leader. The 10% discount is applied after any data discount.

Changing plans
You can change plans each month, renew your plan automatically, or choose not to have an active plan at all (although you do need an active plan to be able to make calls, send texts or use data). When you order a SIM, your plan doesn't start until you receive the SIM card and activate it.

Roaming and International
You can use your SMARTY sim when roaming overseas and to call or text internationally from the U.K. When travelling within the EU, your usage is included in your monthly SMARTY plan and is taken from your monthly allowance. Roaming usage when outside the EU is charged separately and you will need a cash balance on your account if you wish to do this, and also make sure you have tweaked the settings on your phone so that roaming works correctly. You will also need a cash balance if you want to call or text international numbers when from the U.K. More information is available on the SMARTY website. According to this MSE article, SMARTY have also pledged not to increase roaming fees within the EU in the event of a no-deal Brexit, unlike many other UK mobile operators.

FREE month worth up to £20 plus £10 free additional account credit
SMARTY have a 'refer a friend' programme and - if you join with my referral code - you get your second month’s plan free (NB. if you order your SIM between 08/09/20 and 13/10/20 and activate it by 27/10/20 - and keep it active for 14 days - you’ll also get an extra £10 credit on your account, which can be put towards a future month, or used for out of bundle charges such as international calls or roaming). Choose the Unlimited plan and the free month is worth £20 with unlimited free data. When you use my referral link, I also get a free month plus £10 credit. NB. Some replies to this post below refer to SMARTY offering two free months and/or an Amazon voucher and/or extra credit on your SMARTY account, but these offers have since ended, as SMARTY update their promotions from time to time.
To join SMARTY using my referral link and get your second month free, click here:

To join without using my link, click here:

I've been using SMARTY for over two years now with no problems, and ported my existing mobile number to them without issue. It's also easy to monitor how much data I've got left (and my past data usage) via my online SMARTY account.

If you have any questions about SMARTY please post them here and I'll do my best to answer them!


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