I AM THICK! Telling if an MP3 player bought from China has internal storage & doesn't need an SD car

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Sorry to mither you guys/gals again! Money tight at moment so looking to buy G/F an MP3 player. Not urgent in terms of delivery time, she'll download some mindfulness meditations & possibly 4 albums maximum. No radio needed but earphone jack required. So ....maybe 4 or 8 GB max?

Can't tell on say All Express/Gearbest/DHGate (Ali express seems best pricewise) if when I specify a memory size if this is internal storage or if it's an 'empty' player that you HAVE to buy an SD/TF card for to store data???


Any advice (yes I know I'm thick....!) Gratefully received....hope someone can help!:T:)


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    vast majority of MP3 players have internal storage so won't need an SD card. They're just pen drives at the end of the day with the ability to play music.

    That being said, you may want to check Argos as their value Bush range is currently starting from £13 for 4Gb storage and you'd have a warranty and Argos stores are closer than China... :)
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    A second hand phone could be cheaper?
  • :beer:Hi! Do,hhhhh....didn't think of that! Have 2 spare older smartphones- doogie & a Samsung Galaxy! G/F is not fab with electronics & would probably struggle.

    In the end got a UK based MP3...as discovered during my searches nearly all MP3 players that I found cheap had NO internal storage at all. SD card needed. So...got a 4GB SD card again UK based from EBay....total for both around a fiver.

    China 'might' save me £2 or so but not willing to take money saving to that anal level lol!

    4GB is fine for her...& it comes with headphones & charging lead.

    Happy saving £20 or more on clothes etc from China but not £2! Thanks all for advice.
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    Possibly you should have bought second hand from cex. The majority there sell for £8-16 for a 4-8gb one
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    Cheap MP3 players used to have fake memory. They would say 4GB or 8GB but only come with 1GB of storage. If you used the software to copy the MP3's across it would reduce the quality and shrink the files compressing them down to fit onto the card. If you copied the files directly you would either get an out of memory error after 1GB or it would just overwrite everything leaving you with just 1GB of data and a bunch of corrupt files.

    Had a similar issue with a supposedly 128GB Micro SD. Turned out to be an 8GB one.
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