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By Miles pay per mile car insurance -

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AreferArefer Forumite
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Hi everyone,

I've been using the By Miles car insurance service for a while, and it's very intuitive, easy to setup and the customer service is excellent. You pay a fixed annual cost which covers your car when parked, and a per mile rate when you are driving.

The insurance policy which is underwritten by AXA, is fully comprehensive (incl. business cover) and also includes protected NCD at no extra cost. Their app is brilliant and the whole policy can be managed through that. Also, unlike other insurance providers, they don't charge any admin fees for the first three policy changes.

They are currently offering £50 in free miles credit for referral signups to both parties. Please PM me for my referral link so that we each get £50 in free miles credit. I'll reply quickly.

Thank you :)


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    LeeXenonLeeXenon Forumite
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    Pay-Per-Mile Car Insurance

    I'm very happy to bring ByMiles to the MSE forums and was very surprised to only see a few threads discussing the website, and no "official" referral thread.

    ByMiles for me, as a driver of ~8,500miles per year works out cheaper than any other insurance company on the market, as a 25 year old driver with 3 years no claims my cheapest renewal quote was £855, this was after around a month of trawling comparison websites and going through the likes of DirectLine and others who do not appear on comparison websites. It seems that even being a police officer with additional driving qualifications does not ease the car insurance sting.

    I stumbled across ByMiles completely by accident, and it has been well worth it so far.

    How does it work?
    ByMiles will quote you a flat fee that is paid at the start of every 12 month period, this insures the car for when it's parked and not in motion, for every mile driven thereafter will be tracked using their device plugged into the OBD port, and will be billed at the end of the month on your desired date. The tracker will collect driving data, however the insurance company will only calculate cost based on the miles driven, using other data only when the driver is involved in a collision.

    ByMiles quoted me £251.27 for the year, plus 6.4p per mile, driving 8,500 miles this totals £795.27 for the year, plus with my £50 discount code works out even cheaper when I've referred family and friends to the insurance company. I've not factored in miles lost due to annual leave or holidays, so I've just assumed that I will drive the full 8,500 giving myself "spare miles" when calculating my budget.

    Referral Rewards
    £50 worth of free miles for you and for me!

    Referral Link
    EDIT: It appears that sharing referral links will cause them to become disabled, I've spoken with support from ByMiles in relation to this. Please drop me a PM if you wish for me to refer you. Screenshot Proof:

    Whilst this won't work for everyone, I'm sure many other younger drivers like myself will benefit. is underwritten by AXA
    Please only use the last referral link posted by new members of the thread, this ensures that everyone will benefit.
  • Great car insurance. Worked out much cheaper for me, I got charged £175 standing charge and then 3.6p a mile. I'm 32 years old and have a 3.0 5 series so works out well for me, i tend to do 6000 ish miles each year.
    Promo code. k1bjo
    That will net you a nice £50 worth of free miles
  • Have the bymiles insurance for over a month now and it is really good for my low milage and you get £50 free miles credit when you use promo code DP10SHA. Works out much cheaper than traditional car insurance.
  • Hey guys! Thanks to all your wisdom on thus post, i was able to make an informed decision about joining bymiles. If anyone wants a discount code mine is LO14JYZ!
  • I recently joined bymiles car insurance and got over £600 off compared to a standard car insurance which is mad!! Really worth it. It’s great. The app is awesome, you pay for what you actually drive..if you do not drive much you will save a fortune. You can find the location of your car as well on the app. It can check the health of your car, you can estimate the cost of a journey which is handy if you want to decide if it’s best to get somewhere using your car or public transport. Easy access to your policy on the app and can see your statement anytime.

    If you thinking to join..I totally recommend. Also get £50 free miles if you join using this link

    Discount code NC58STX

    Do not miss out
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    BoohooBoohoo Forumite
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    ByMiles are now giving £100 credit miles for each referral using the link below.

    I have been using them for 4 months and i paid £200 fully comp and protected NCD is standard and then i pay 4.1p per mile but you have to have a little tracking box fitted so they can track your mileage.

    This is my referral link so is used you/me both get £100 credit in our ByMiles account.

    To update my post the offer was a Black Friday special that ended on 2/12/2019 so if you use my code/link in my post now we both get £50 miles credit added to our credit balance to use up.
  • SamDudeSamDude Forumite
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    Not sure if there is a limit on referrals, but if anyone wants to use it for £50 free miles, my link is:
    SamDude ByMiles Referral

    At around 5p per mile, it is about 1000 miles.
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    michaelsmichaels Forumite
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    I have just renewed with bymiles - for me they were way cheaper than any other quote - £150 in first year with £50 of free miles compared to next best quote of £350.  The app and website are user friendly to the max and I had no issues at all - although I have not had to claim so can't comment on that.

    So if you do less than 5k miles per year to me it is a no-brainer:
    1) £50 of free miles - for me at 3p per mile this is 1650 miles
    2) Free protected No claims bonus
    3) App to track your journeys with free dongle
    4) Underwritten by AXA
    5) Max daily charge of 100 miles - for our annual holiday journey of 300 miles this saves us 200 miles there and 200 miles on the way back

    So simply apply using this link and we both get £50 of free miles.  Note free miles roll over form one year to the next.

    I think....
  • daniel87_daniel87_ Forumite
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    Hi, is there any chance of getting a referral code?
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    THEV1LL4NTHEV1LL4N Forumite
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    You are probably driving a lot less than usual, and you may well be in the short and mid-term future.  By Miles is a pay-per-mile insurance company (AXA Insurance).  Please note that this is not Black Box insurance (they are not interested in the way you drive.  They are only interested in telematics (how much or how little you drive). Reading the FAQs may help to explain how they work.  

    I have been with them for just over 3 months now and I paid £242 up front (to insure the car) and then 5p per mile that I actually drive.  This meant that my monthly payments were as follows:

    March - £3.16
    April - £0.98
    May - £1.58
    June (so far) - £0.21

    This is much cheaper than the £700+ insurance renewal I was faced with from other providers - perhaps the best decision I made this year as it is saving me hundreds.

    This is the way that car insurance should work, and I am sure they will lead the way to disrupt the market for cheaper car insurance especially in a time when we need to spend more carefully. 

    If you are interested in being referred for £50 free miles credit (approx 1000 miles) please message me privately for my referral link.  Thank you.

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