Virgin Media - is it worth complaining about a misleading offer?

So I initially signed up to Virgin Media a couple of years ago on a Black Friday deal getting 50mbps (which went up to 100mbps) for £17 a month for the first year. (12 month contract).

At the end of the contract, I received an email from Virgin Media saying if I took out another 12 month contract they'd give me a £7.50 monthly discount. (i.e. So I was paying around £25 per month). They had some terms listed in small print at the bottom of the email but nothing about how long this monthly discount for - hence I assumed it would be for the full 12 month contract.

So I signed up and it was only after agreeing to the new contract that I got taken to a page saying Thank you and the discount would be applied for 6 months. It was not at all clear before this that it was only going to be for 6 months, and I'd have to pay full price for the rest of the contract.

I looked back on the email, and there definitely was nothing to say it was only 6 months, and I followed the link again which took me to the sign up page which contained a link for terms and conditions. And of course after reading through them, it did indeed mention discount was for 6 months. How I missed this the first time, despite actively looking for some mention of how long it was for to avoid being caught out, I don't know.

Anyway, I didn't bother complaining about it at the time, and am now 3/4 of the way through the contract. In my opinion it was incredibly misleading to advertise it as a monthly discount with no mention of it being only for 6 months in the email. Is it worth me complaining about this? Or should I just accept that I may have been duped out of £45? :rotfl:


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    I assume they recently emailed you about a price rise?

    You have 30 days from this to ring them up 150 and say it’s too expensive and wish to leave. Then should offer you a deal.
    It will be 12 months and listen very carefully to it and check the contract within 14 days. It’s never the same as you expect!

    Or leave
  • Since you've seen the 6 months mentioned in the T&C's no, I wouldn't bother at all. T&C's aren't there for fun and if you couldn't see how long the deal was for, you should have checked them at the time I'm afraid.
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