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We have a multi holiday policy which covers Europe and cruising, it expires in November and we are going on a cruise just before it has expired.
My question is: my husband is going alone to the USA for 9 days at the beginning of September. Do you think would be better to amend our current policy or to take out a separate one for just him and that trip?
I am 67 and he is 65, I have health issues and he doesn't.
Many thanks


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    Assuming by "better" you mean cheaper,??

    If so the answer is for him to get a quote for adding USA to your annual policy then compare that with the cost of a single trip policy for him alone.

    But if you mean will the cover be better/excess better etc then he needs to do his own comparison to decide.

    If the USA trip is already booked then get cover today! You can get run over by a bus when you least expect it!!
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