Home Insurance - Dispute over like for like cover.


I recently claimed for a damaged MacBook Pro 13” mid 2010 model. It was determined to be beyond economical repair due to the age of the model. This was assessed at an Apple store.
Luckily my accidental cover was like for like, as explained to me by the claim verifier, same or better specs.
My insurance have agreed to payout, yet the price offered, minus excess, does not match the cost of a MacBook Pro with equivalent or better, in my opinion.
My damaged item had 4GB RAM and 320GB HDD storage capacity. These being the two main comparison points given by the verifying company.
The offered payment is for a new MacBook Pro 13” model. It does have better RAM at 8GB RAM, but has significantly lower storage capacity with a 256GB. This is a solid state drive(SSD), as Apple no longer install HDDs in new models. The justification offered for this was that SSD storage is more expensive to buy than HDD, so the lower storage was deemed adequate.

Do I have a possibility of arguing my case to get the


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