Annual Travel Insurance - Just Been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer


My wife has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately it looks like they've caught it early and the prognosis is good.

My query is - we have travel insurance through our bank (smile). In December last year we booked to go to Lapland in December of this year.

Our nominal renewal date is in October, and we have to pay off the balance of the holiday in September.

Currently, the doctor has told us there is no reason we cant go to Lapland with the treatment he is expecting. But my worry is, we pay off the balance in September, but then things take a turn for the worse and we cant go.

Where would we stand insurance wise? Seeing we paid the balance off after diagnosis, and coupled with the fact the 'renewal' is in October?

I know the definitive way of getting an answer is to ring the insuers, but want to know what the likely situation is before I ring them, so I'm armed with the best info!

Thanks for your help


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    as you bought the policy BEFORE the diagnosis it would be valid and you could claim if you can't medically go on holiday before the renewal date, but double check with insurer to make sure
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    With annual policies you normally have to disclose any changes to health immediately

    Check your policy wording, but if so that then will mean once disclosed the insurer will either agree to continue cover or not.

    If not you will be able to cancel now if you want to and make a successful claim for the cancellation costs

    Whether or not they are prepared to renew is a separate issue, and your choices are to wait and see or take out new single trip (or annual) insurance now elsewhere that will cover the new illness
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    csgohan4 wrote: »
    as you bought the policy BEFORE the diagnosis it would be valid and you could claim if you can't medically go on holiday, but double check with insurer to make sure
    No - it's an annual policy that ends prior to departure - with annual policies you must disclose all conditions at renewal, irrespective of when the trip was booked, and the insurer can decline to continue if so minded
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