Life Insurance & Fibromyalgia

I've had a little search but there doesn't seem to be any recent answers to this - does anyone know of a firm that will provide life insurance to someone with fibromyalgia?

I know I could go to a broker but I'm just wondering if anyone has had any luck with a typical insurance firm that I can just fill out online and be done with it (even if they then have to contact my doctor/me for more info and/or charge a slightly higher rate). It seems like they all run screaming at the F-word and won't even consider that maybe it's not really going to affect how/when I kick the bucket :(
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    It is not something I have come across. I am surprised it is causing you as much difficulty as it seems to be - as you say, you are not going to die from it. Although I might expect them to put some sort of mental health exclusion on there maybe.

    To be honest though, a broker is probably a good idea.
    They will speak to the underwriters prior to applying. Sometimes a computer will decline your application outright but when put infront of a person, they may decide they can accept it either with an exclusion or a loading for example. You might find it actually saves you time in the long run.
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    I'd expect most companies could cover you with the Fibromyalgia. Typically, they'd want to know if there's been any associated depression as it's really common in clients with the condition. The problem with many online systems is that they are abbreviated versions which are designed to underwrite the most health of people but not those with more serious health conditions.

    Whilst Fibro might not kill you, what typically concerns underwriters is morbidity, rather than mortality. For example, the Fibro might stop you exercising which can affect your overall health, it could prevent you from working which affects your mental health, your income and thereby affects the quality of food you can buy etc etc etc.

    I'd not expect an form of exclusion if it was just life insurance. In fact, I've never seen an exclusion placed on a life insurance application unless it's for hazardous pastimes and requested by the applicant, however, an increase in the premium is very likely. Typically this would be around a 50-75% increase in the standard premium.

    i do think this would be a case were you'd be better off speaking to a broker to ensure you get the best possible terms.
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