A third party that was not involved in the accident made claim against me

A month ago I was involved in road traffic accident on my journey to work. The traffic on the the right lane was slowing down and stoping for third party "Driver A" to pull out to join the main road. She indicated right and was intended to turn right. As a result, right traffic lane was blocked. I saw "Driver A" so I slowed down to let her out to join the left traffic lane (same direction that I was travelling). As I slowed my car down and got closer to her, she put her hand up to say thanks and slowing started moving out. Then before I knew it, another third party, "Driver B" crashed into the back of my car. "Driver A" was able to stop pulling out and avoided the collision (no damage).

The police came to the scene. Both "Driver B" and I was on the phone to our insurance companies right after. The rear end of my car and the front of "Driver B"'s car were seriously damaged. Unfortunately both our car were insurance written off. I only had insurance policy only a third party cover at the time, "Driver B" was comprehensive. As I only had a third party cover, my insurance company wasn't able to help much. However, "Driver B"'s insurance company have been very helpful. They accepted that it was not my fault and that their customer "Driver B" was responsible for the accident. The police taken both car away after they finished talking to everyone. The insurance claim is not closed and I received a settlement payment.

Almost a month later, I received a letter from AVIVA (my insurance) postmark a week a go with a vehicle reg that I don't recognise and was not involved in the accident a month ago. The letter says this third party driver (NOT Driver A or Driver B) reported incident which they have no record. The allege incident date on the letter is the exact date that I was in the crash. I have details of "Driver A" and "Driver B" cars. They are definitely not the same as the vehicle details on the letter. The fact that they said they don't have a record of the accident is incorrect because I was on the phone telling them and asking for advice on what to do next hour after the accident.

Now I have claim against my policy. My policy is due for a renewal at the end of this month. The premium will be going from £956 current year to £1290. As it stands I lose my 2 years NCB. Will definite look around somewhere else for cheaper premiums. But in the mean time, not sure what to do. I will contact AVIVA on Monday. I have a letter from the girl that crashed into insurance company, confirming that it was her fault. I also have photos of our cars at the scene of the accident. Don't know if I send these evidences to AVIVA , they will be able to sort out this false claim quickly. I'm also still waiting for a copy of the police report.


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    Send copies to your insurance company. They can request a copy of the police report to refute the claim.

    Have they said where this other car has come from to be involved in an accident with you and where the damage is to their car?
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