Car insurance...charged 30pounds more

Unfortunately my direct debit was taken before my money went in. My money arrived the next day. Instead of 18pounds insurance they added 30pounds to it and twice sent me a copy of the same later. Is this normal?surely I should be able to argue it?


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    Forgot to add they are quoting the Consumer Credit Act 1974
  • Who's fault was it that the direct debit was taken before there was enough in your account ?
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    What is your argument? did you say when to take out the direct debit? why take out something when you don't have money in the bank??

    Taking out Car insurance monthly is never money saving as they load extra interest on it and your poorer for it

    Consider looking at your finances, the debt free wannabee forum is great for cutting down on stuff
    "It is prudent when shopping for something important, not to limit yourself to Pound land/Estate Agents"

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