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I’m a first time poster and would really appreciate some supportive advice please. I was made redundant from a care role that I loved doing for many years last year. I offer support voluntarily now. I went to the Job centre in October last year for support. I declared some savings I had from work and some redundancy money I had left. I can’t remember exactly what was on the form.

I received some universal credit for October -February. I started work in a care role part time at the beginning of this year and received earnings from this in March. The universal credit was reduced in March. I received no UC in April-July as I’m earning. I called and waited on phone lines for hours to cancel. Called again and again until I got through. Given a small payment wrongly and letter saying ongoing. Called again to say I had requested to close UC.

Compliance officer sends letter and calls me to say the tax office have info to suggest I have a larger amount of ‘savings’. I have had some inheritance in the past. I didn’t know this needed to be declared? I need to send all bank statements and accounts off to be looked at. Are they allowed to see everything on my statements? I’m really worried sick about this situation. Can anyone advise please? Thankyou.


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    When were you made redundant from your job? Did you claim new style JSA which is based on your NI contributions? This is claimed alongside UC but is deducted from the UC. New style JSA is not means tested so savings would not have made any difference to this.

    OK, now to UC. If you have savings over £16000 then you are not eligible for UC. All savings need to be declared - this is quite clear when applying. So how much did you have from your inheritance and where is it - ISAs? Savings Account?

    Yes, they have the right to see all bank statements, savings accounts etc to check that you are entitled to UC.

    You will have to pay back any money that you were not entitled to. This will have to come out of your 'inheritance'/savings.
  • Thankyou very much for your reply pmlindyloo. It!!!8217;s universal credit. I!!!8217;ve suffered severe anxiety since the redundancy and I!!!8217;m an honest person and mortified by this error I!!!8217;ve made.
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    As stated they will want to see all your savings etc. Reading your post it seems you only had UC payments, so yes you will have to pay back, and make it clear you did not deliberately hide the money you have, it was a genuine mistake. Be prepared for that questioning, make it clear you had a lot going on and did not realise. Your post says you declared some, but not all, of your savings/investment, and DWP Compliance may want to explore why not. If it was me I would get all my statements copied for the interview ready and fully comply in a very apologetic manner. These people can apply a fine if they feel that it was deliberate hiding of capital. Capital over £6,000 will reduce your UC payment and so you will pay back if it is more than that, and £16000 means no UC at all. Universal Credit generally closes your active claim after 6 months of your income being too high to receive payments so that will just happen, you don't generally close the claim, DWP do that to allow for fluctuations in income month to month. Closing the claim will not stop compliance, as this it to do with when you did get payments and they will chase that up. All the best
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  • Thanks so much Natural Jazz for your kind and supportive reply. Thanks a lot :-)
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