Advice needed for first time credit card application (50% chance of acceptance)

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I'm looking to get my first credit card and start improving my credit score - Ive done a check on Experian, and the best chance I seem to have is a 50% chance of getting accepted with Barclaycard Initial.
I've never had a credit card in the past, also never been in debt (have student loans to pay off, but paying those monthly from my paycheck). I'm in full time employment and have been for the past 2yrs/8mnts.
Scared to go through with the application as 50% seems a bit risky - any have a clue as to whether they would accept me, or what the next steps should be?


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    50% is pretty much a guess, there is no harm in applying, even if you get rejected there is little effect on your credit record (there is no such thing as a credit score). If concerned, try a subprime card like Vanquish or Aqua, the brand is irrelevant so long as you are paying off in full each month
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    Barclaycard Inital isn't a bad choice. Although slightly harder to get as a first card compared to Aqua, Vanquis or Capital One. Capital One have an eligibility checker that can be pre-approved in some cases. Worth checking.

    Just as a side note, your credit score means the square root of !!!!!! all. What matters is the information held on your credit report. The only way to get beneficial information on there is to have credit available, and to use it. Pay off in full and never stretch yourself thin.
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