dentist two month rule

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I have auto-immune issues which affect my gums so I see the dentist four times a year to keep any plaque well under control. Last visit my usual dentist had left and a new dentist was in place who didn't do the usual scale and polish. I did explain to him about my auto-immune issues but he didn't seem to understand the relevance.

Anyhow, I am now having a flare up and the part of my gum that is receded badly already is flaring up due to the small amount of plaque. Just wondering if I will have to pay again for the scale to take place. Last visit was 22nd May, phoned today 19th July for appointment and explained the issue, appointment is next Tuesday 24th July. So I needed the same treatment within two months but my appointment is just outside of the two months.

If I have to pay then so be it but very annoying that I go for preventative measures which haven't been prevented!


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    The dentist has no discretion , if the date treatment starts is more than two months away you will have to pay another band one charge.

    When you do see them you should ask for advice on how to stop plaque/calculus building up. Take your toothbrush in with you to check it is the right size etc and check on size of interdental brushes you are using. If you have dexterity problems check to see if modifications can be made to your toothbrush or if swapping to an electric brush would be better.
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    Thanks, I'll be paying it then. I was going to change dentist anyway as not particularly taken with the standard of care from the new one. He just didn't seem to want to listen to me when I tried to explain why I wanted the scale and polish last time.

    I do have a really good regime already, my old dentist was excellent so I followed all her advice and haven't had problems for years. Its such a tiny amount of plaque barely even visible and the three monthly visits would keep it totally at bay.

    Anyone without the auto-immune issues wouldn't be affected at all and to be fair to the new dentist he probably looked at my records and didn't see an issue. Lots of stuff is flaring up at the minute after I had a really bad virus a couple of months ago. But I don't intent to pay for preventative appointments that don't then prevent this happening. I'll explain fully to him on Tuesday why I am leaving the practice.
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    Plaque is a soft deposit that can be removed with a tooth brush.

    Tartar is plaque which has been left so becomes hard and cannot be removed with a tooth brush and needs scaling.

    It takes 48 hours for plaque to become hard and become tartar. In other words if the plaque is disturbed at any time in that 48 hours it cannot become hard tartar.

    Scaling is not preventative , it just gets rid of tartar so you have a clean slate and can clean effectively. Without changing cleaning habits the effects of scaling last 48 hours at most.

    If you clean effectively there will never be a need for scaling and if a dentist sees you and there is no tartar then there is nothing to scale.
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    sgun wrote: »
    I'll explain fully to him on Tuesday why I am leaving the practice.

    Check that you can find another dentist to accept you on their NHS list before ditching this one.
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